Fish Wrangling Services and Custom Aquarium Design for TV/Movie Productions

Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles offers a full range of aquarium design and fish wrangling services throughout the Los Angeles area – and beyond, if necessary. We understand your unique needs. Our trained staff has worked on several productions providing various levels of services and support depending on their needs.With our attention to detail and creative designs, we can be your "go-to" company to help you incorporate any size aquarium into your set design.

Custom Aquarium Set Design

Although aquariums are sometimes meant to be simply background set dressing, often production companies like to use the dramatic effect that aquariums bring to film. That's where Infinity excels. With our in-house fabrication workshop and creative design team, we can design, build, and install a wide variety of aquariums for your set including

  • Large in-wall or wall mounted aquariums
  • Cylindrical aquariums
  • Uniquely shaped aquariums like spheres, polyhedrons, "habitrails", in-floor, in-ceiling, and any number of different configurations. The laws of physics are our only limitations.
  • Turnkey solutions that you can pack up and take, or fully supported on-set maintenance and fish wrangling (see below)

We'll work closely with the set designer and team to create a custom aquarium so that the aquascaping and lighting make your aquarium look its best on camera. We can also provide other design elements as needed including portability and even aquariums built with breakaway glass for that climatic scene…

No matter what your needs, if it has to look good on camera, Infinity Aquarium Design will deliver.

Fish Wrangling

Infinity also provides fish wrangling services for your on-set aquariums. We can source fish for you based on specific size, color, species, and shape, either from our own stocks or from around the world (sourcing and acclimatization time required).

As necessary, we will work with you on the set to coordinate both equipment and livestock to create the proper effect.

Infinity also provides full maintenance services for your on-set aquariums for the duration of production, as needed.

View our Aquarium Gallery and Aquarium Videos to view some of our past custom aquarium designs and installation. Then contact Infinity Aquarium Design of L.A. to learn more about our set dressing aquariums and fish wrangling services.

Vitamin Water Revive
Vitamin Water Revive

It was our job to make this 2000 gallon aquarium actor friendly for an outside shoot in the middle of winter. Ok, so it was a California winter but it was cold nonetheless! This two day shoot involved setting up an elaborate coral display and heating the water to 85 degrees in the middle of March. The result was an amazing clip in this Vitamin Water commercial. See our work at the 19 second mark and visit our facebook fan page to see still photos from this shoot.

A.G. Edwards
A.G. Edwards

This small aquarium and cute little puffer fish grabs the audience from the very beginning, and conveys the setting of a medical lobby immediately. Sometimes an aquarium can be the perfect addition to your set to add that extra "something

The Price is Right
The Price is Right

Infinity Aquarium Design gives away the best prizes this show has ever seen! Ok, maybe we are a little biased. To watch more of our videos from our visits to America's longest running game show, visit our project videos page.